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Steps to make your own personal whiteboard

You can make your own personal white board in various ways. This will depend on what your budget is and what you would like - depending on these you can make the ideal dry-erase board for you. In order to make your own cheap whiteboard you only need a couple items as well as the time to assemble it - going this direction will save a ton of money and doesn't require much expertise. Depending on just how much time and work you put into the Do it yourself white board, it may look every bit as good, or much better, than one you just buy from a shop.

For those who read on you'll find various kinds of whiteboards that you can make, several advantages and minuses, and what types of items you will need in order to make them.

To get started, you will require some basic tools. Usually this will likely require:

- power drill

- adhesive (liquid nails, or something like that)

- saw

- anchoring screws or some other connection equipment (hangers, cord, etc)

-raw wood for structure components

Melamine White-board

You can pick up large sheets of the material "melamine" at your nearby hardware store. This material is similar to the stuff that is utilized to line bath areas. Melamine is very low price and definately will allow you to make your own whiteboard inexpensively. Since this material is typically very thin, it works best if you affix it straight to a wall surface with glue or anchoring screws in the 4 corners. If you don't have a wall surface to fasten the melamine to you should also budget for some sort of inflexible backing material like solid wood. Those are just about the only actions necessary to create your initial lower price white board. This really is likely the fastest and least expensive option for creating your own personal white board.


- Low-priced ($39 for a 4' x 8' area)

- Easy to handle


- Can potentially warp

- Surface area marks will generally appear on this sort of board following a few months of use. This may be diminished by regular clean-up.

Plexiglass Dry-erase Board

Again, any local hardware or craft shop really should have the materials you may need. In this instance, if you'd like to create a plexiglass dry erase board, you will be wanting a more transparent looking surface area. Plexiglass is out there in lots of colors and hues, if you are interested you'll find many differing kinds. Plexiglass provides a more stiff nature and will not require the backing materials like melamine. Pick the piece in the final size you want, cutting it to specifications can be challenging if you don't have the appropriate resources readily available. The panel may be placed right onto the wall using standard screws, no need for a frame if you do not want to build one.


- Various colors and tints readily available

- More rigid and more durable

- Surface cleans very easily

-Quick setup and installation


- Costlier ($45-$55 for a 4' x 8' region)

- Harder to use

Glass Dry-erase Board

A glass homemade white board may be used in many more ways in comparison to the traditional panel with a bit of additional work. Because a glass whiteboard is usually transparent, you can use it in the center of areas using a stand or on a wall structure in a more typical manner. The extra work with a glass whiteboard will be in the form of installation. There is a couple of ways to do this. First, build a frame - just like a window frame - that safely holds the glass. Another method involves hanging straight to the rear of the glass panel making use of suction cups or any other methods. For this kind of task you ought to use safety glass.


- May be more custom made as both sides could be used

- Features a more "sophisticated" look to it

- Cleans very easily

-Will work for many years


-More costly in comparison to the prior two options and needs extra work ($80 for a 4' x 8' area)

White Board Paint

You will find several types of white board paint provided by numerous vendors. Whiteboard paint can be used on a wide array of surfaces, not just the standard wall. Keep in mind that the level of smoothness of the surface area getting painted can have an effect on the ease of erasing on the final product. This paint can also be used to repaint and resurface a well used whiteboard that lost its luster. Dry-erase Board paint should also cure for a few days, never write on it with markers for several days after painting.


- Can change non uniform region in to a white board

- Largest place white-board covering attainable


- Can be more pricey ($65-$300 for a 4' x 8' area) for more compact spots

- Takes several days to cure before use

-May leave ghosting on some surfaces (may be painted once again)

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